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Servicing, Testing & Maintenance

AEFS can provide scheduled testing of all fire equipment as per Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

  • Fire Indicator Panels (FIP)
  • Emergency Warning Intercom Systems (EWIS)
  • Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Special Hazard Systems
  • Emergency and Exit Lighting
  • Portable Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Means of Egress Items
  • Passive Fire & Smoke Systems
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Building Fire Integrity Inspections
  • Annual Essential Service Measure Reports

Project Management

  • Hands on tracking of Cost, Quality and Schedule to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Selection of the appropriate team for each project
  • Timely and accurate Status Reporting to clients

Audits & Certification

Independent site audits to verify contractor compliance within a Defects Liability Period (DLP).

  • Annual Fire Safety Statement
  • Annual Compliance Statement
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