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Industries and Locations

Whether your business is located in Warrnambool, Melbourne or Wodonga, AEFS can provide the fire protection solutions you need.

We work throughout Victoria across a wide range of industry sectors including education, healthcare, corrective services, retail, industrial, food product manufacturing and government both state and local.

This broad experience ensures that we fully understand the specific requirements of clients within a wide range of industries and are able to provide the relevant specialist knowledge to deliver best practice solutions.


AEFS has delivered a broad range of projects across all of these industries: From the design and build of complex fire protection solutions for brand new buildings, to the complete overhaul of existing fire protection systems across multi-site campuses, to custom solutions for niche clients with unique requirements.

Our specialist expertise, technical knowhow, extensive experience, customer service and commitment to quality and compliance mean that you can be confident in our ability to deliver your project on time and on budget.

The main aim of the New Academic Street project is to improve the student experience at RMIT’s flagship City campus. 

Students will have more places to relax, collaborate and study. Fundamental administrative tasks such as enrolment and program queries, will be managed easily and efficiently without waiting in a queue. 

The first phase of this transformation involved a major civil engineering project to link 4 of their existing buildings, opening the campus to the surrounding streetscape and creating light-filled laneways, glass-roofed arcades and rooftop urban spaces 

AEFS were required to design and install a solution that replaced the 4 existing stand-alone fire evacuation systems in these buildings into a single, fully integrated system that provides protection across the whole precinct. 

Biggest Challenge: 

Keeping the evacuation system operational in a heavily populated university environment whilst performing the upgrade. 

The installation of bollards across and adjacent to roads has become common practice in Australia and around the world since a spate of incidents involving the use of vehicles as weapons against pedestrians. 

As part of their efforts to ensure student and faculty safety, Deakin University has installed such bollards at both its Burwood and Waurn Ponds Campuses 

AEFS have integrated all of these newly installed bollards to the Fire Protection Systems on both of these campuses so that they retract into the ground when a fire alarm is triggered; ensuring that Emergency Responders are not delayed in reaching the building in alarm. 

Biggest Challenge: 

Integrating the many different fire system protocols across both campuses to ‘talk’ to the bollards in a logical and sequential manner. 

The City of Monash engaged AEFS to carry out a Fire Safety audit of an Aged Care Facility which revealed that the sprinkler pipework originally installed did not meet design safety standards.  

AEFS carried out the removal of all existing sprinkler pipework, replacing the entire network throughout the ceiling space of the building.  Careful planning ensured that this project was completed without causing any disturbance to the staff or occupants of the facility. 

Biggest Challenge: 

Due to the very limited workspace inside the ceiling, the measuring and fabrication of the pipework had to be carried out offsite.  Given the margin for error was so small, it required precise measuring and cutting to ensure a perfect fit. 

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