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Client Portal


Access the Client Portal 24/7 for all your information and reporting needs.

  • All Essential Fire Services uses FireMate software which is the only electronic asset management system specifically built for the Australian and New Zealand Fire Protection Industry. 
  • As a client of AEFS, the FireMate Client Portal provides you 24/7 access to your: 

Test records

Asset information




Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS)

Outstanding Defects

View details of all outstanding defects for a particular property

Outstanding Quotes

View details of all outstanding Quotes

Completed Jobs

View a list of Completed Jobs per property that includes details of Actions Taken to complete.


View a list of Invoices per property – both Paid and Unpaid.

Sample Client Generated Reports

All Defects Report

Asset History Report

Assets Register Report

Routine Activity Test Schedule

System Condition Report

Request Access

If you are a client of AEFS but have not yet requested a login for the FireMate Client Portal please contact us at the email address below.

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