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Sustainable Development


It is our ethical obligation to protect the public, our employees and contractors at all times during company operations from the obvious effects such as illness, disease, pain & suffering, accidents and ill health or the long lasting secondary effects such as permanent incapacity, depression, family breakdown, etc. Our OH&S Committee assess procedures and review them regularly to ensure they work at zero risk of harm at all times.

These procedures consist of:

  • Employees are encouraged to cooperate, communicate and participate in managing for safety at all levels
  • Personal protective safety clothing and equipment is enforced at all times
  • Eliminate likely hazards and replace with adequate substitutions to reduce the energy of the hazard
  • Rehabilitation programs are encouraged for illness or injury
  • First Aid Courses are provided to all new employees
  • Regular medical check ups are encouraged including hearing tests
  • Material Safety Data Sheets are kept in vehicles for access to risks and their control measures on all chemical/hazardous substances
  • Training is regularly provided to ensure procedures remain effective. They are provided information and feedback to maintain their skills.
  • Provide supervision for new employees and regular monitoring of long term employees
  • Management monitor mismatches between job requirements and individual capabilities to avoid the increase of potential for human error