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Sustainable Development


Equal opportunity is of high priority to AEFS and it is our company policy to ensure we provide regular employment opportunities within the community. We also provide opportunities for apprenticeships in electrical and sprinkler fitting trades.

Employees are protected by law and as our ‘duty of care’ we ensure our employees are protected, treated fairly, equally and with respect. Employees valuable input contributes to the company’s growth and assists with a workplace environment that is both passionate and committed to achieving common goals and to continually improve skill levels and obtain new qualifications.

Areas of care are:

  • Employ qualified staff to advise on the health and safety of employees
  • Provide sufficient staff to carry out the work safely
  • Provide proper plant, equipment, clothing and welfare facilities
  • Provide safe work systems, conditions of the workplace and environment
  • Train personnel to be reasonably competent by inducting and supervising regularly
  • Provide adequate safety measures
  • Provide safe access and egress
  • Provide the necessary information and instructions to perform tasks
  • Provide, monitor, record and support health problems/concerns or rehabilitation
  • Provide support and information (in appropriate languages) for job concerns, complaints and issue resolutions
  • Provide regular medical checkups